*Award of „medien.rlp – Institut für Medien und Pädagogik e.V“ – 35. video/filmtage, Mainz 2018
*2nd place „Best Film“ – End of Days Film Festival, USA 2018
*Best Fiction Short – San Antonio Independent Films Festival, Ecuador 2019



The middle-aged programmer - Noel -  stands in front of the ruins of his marriage. With the help of a new intelligent language assistant, he tries to redirect his professional and private life into the right path. The artificial intelligence not only assists him in coping with everyday life, but also arranges an appointment with the much younger Claudine.

  • Screenplay & Directed by Daniel Hoffmann
  • Cast Björn von der Wellen, Tara Fischer, Lukas Klaschinski & Dietmar Wunder (Voice)
  • Produced by ambitious.films
  • Format 2017 I 22 min I 2.39 I Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro

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